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What Bahlaqeem can do differently

About Bahlaqeem

This is what Bahlaqeem can do that other physical hands on body workers that treat you, on a static table, can't do.

Bahlaqeem can be done :

1)Anywhere at any time.

2)In your office, home or other personal space

3)In person or not in person.

4)Even if the person being treated is not on a static correction table.

5)Without touching, therefore there is no jerking, twisting, popping or cracking.

6)Without fear of stroke or other injury to the body which may be possible with other hands on body corrections.

7)For those people that are in too much pain to lie down. It can also be done while you sit in your favorite comfortable chair.

8)While you just stand in one place

9)While you walk.

10)While you drive your car or truck, however walking after a session is recommended.

My graduate studies were in chiropractic. So I know the major chiropractic techniques pretty well. Because of what I am able to do with Bahlaqeem my license was revoked. In the last few years I have learned that the body can do things that I was never taught in chiropractic school. I will mention only three very important points and listed them below. I will relate them to what Bahlaqeem can do. However, there are many many more that will be mentioned in the future.

1)One vertebra or parts of a vertebra can and does shift in at least 26 different possible directions at one time. One specific vertebra that can do this is often is C2. I know of no person that can correct a vertebra that has shifted in 26 different directions at one time, The reason why I know this shift can happen is because people get more relief after the complete correction has been made. In this situation the one direction correction doesn't work as well any more. Bahlaqeem can make these changes very easily.

2)Back ribs can shift toward the front of the body, therefore possibly causing difficulty in breathing, with pain on deep breaths. Using typical procedures this situation is very difficult to correct. Bahlaqeem can remedy this problem very easily. Along with the above situation, the rib may also rotate, shift towards the head or down away from the head and also become twisted. To make all the above corrections would be a virtual impossibility with normal hands on physical body work. Bahlaqeem makes these corrections very easily. I know this happens because typical corrections do not relieve the discomfort. Many times relief comes only after the more complicated corrections have been performed.

3)Bones can twist. A good example for this is the femur or thigh bone. You may have noticed that after you have had a good session with your hands on physical body worker but, you still have some discomfort in your thigh. If this is true, most likely the bone may be twisted. My chiropractic back ground taught me that a bone does not twist, therefore there is no way to correct it if it does. Bahlaqeem makes this kind of correction very easily. The way I learned about this was people got more relief after a specific bone was de-twisted. I found that all bones can twist including all joint complexes.

Bahlaqeem can make so many more different changes than the typical physical hands on worker can do. The above are only three examples. There are many more including the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, hands, cranial and facial bones and breast bone or sternum. For example, difficulty in being able to take a deep breath may be caused by a misaligned sternum. Bahlaqeem can remedy all these maladies very easily and quickly.

Most of the time the changes that Bahlaqeem can make happen instantaneously, but on some occasion the body may respond more slowly.

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